Best Guitar For Worship

by Alex Winnerman  - November 6, 2023

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Choosing the right guitar for worship can feel overwhelming, with many options available.

I've been there, and after countless hours spent playing different models and researching, I found guitars that truly enhance worship music.

This article will guide you through prime 2023 picks for both acoustic and electric guitars that can resonate beautifully during holy occasions.

Let's embark on this divine musical journey together!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Guitar for Worship

When choosing a guitar for worship, it's essential to consider factors such as whether you prefer an acoustic or electric guitar.

Also, you need to consider the body shape and size that is most comfortable for you, the tonewoods used in construction, the electronics and pickups for amplification, and of course, your price range.

Acoustic or Electric

Embracing the sound of music through a guitar in worship can be invigorating, whether you choose an acoustic or electric model.

There's just something magical about strumming chords on an acoustic guitar that brings out the heartfelt emotion in hymns and praise songs.

On the flip side, if you aim for powerful performances with edgier overtones, an electric guitar might serve you better.

The choice between acoustic and electric depends on your style and the atmosphere you want to create during worship.

Do note that both types have unique attributes; even hybrid models combine features from both realms!

Be it softer tones from cedar-toned acoustics or brighter sounds delivered by maple-bodied electrics - these choices all make a big difference in contributing to worship music's emotional depth.

Body Shape and Size

Guitar body shape and size directly influence sound and ease of playing, making it a critical factor in choosing the best guitar for worship.

Different designs like dreadnought, auditorium, or concert guitars produce distinct tonal characteristics due to their unique sizes.

For instance, a dreadnought guitar with its larger body size can generate a louder and fuller sound compared to smaller models.

Looking into comfort level is as essential as focusing on sound quality; an uncomfortable instrument may hinder your playing ability over time.

Smaller bodies, such as parlors or travel guitars, cater well to those of us with smaller frames or shorter arms.

On the other hand, jumbo or grand auditorium guitars tend to be more suitable for taller individuals who have no trouble handling bigger instruments.

Regardless of your category, finding a balance between comfort and excellent performance is vital when hunting for the best worship guitar.


Tonewoods significantly influence the overall sound produced by an acoustic guitar.

Various kinds of wood are used in crafting guitars, each imparting unique characteristics to their tone and feel.

For example, Honduran Mahogany—a popular choice for Gibson guitars—rewards players with a warmer and richer audio experience.

It’s not just about aesthetics; the diverse array of tonewoods, including Rosewood, Koa, Walnut, Sitka, and more, offer distinct sonic outputs that cater to various musical tastes or requirements.

Even Basswood earns its place among these due to its soft nature and affordable pricing while still providing reliable performance.

Therefore understanding tonewoods is crucial while choosing your best guitar for worship music since it remarkably affects your instrument's tone quality.

Electronics and Pickups

Something to consider when choosing a guitar for worship is the electronics and pickups.

The type of pickups installed in a guitar can significantly impact its sound.

For electric guitars, there are two main types of pickups: humbucker pickups and single-coil pickups.

Humbuckers offer a warmer and fuller tone, while single coils provide a brighter and tangier sound.

Acoustic guitars also have pickup systems that allow them to be amplified.

These systems capture the guitar's natural acoustic sound and reproduce it through an amplifier or PA system.

Choosing a guitar with quality electronics and pickups that best suit your playing style and desired tone for worship music is essential.

Price Range

Mid-range guitars for worship services fall within a price range of $300 to $700.

It's essential to consider this budget when selecting a guitar that suits your needs and preferences.

By shopping within this price range, you can find quality instruments with great sound and durability without breaking the bank.

Whether you prefer an acoustic or electric guitar, keep in mind that plenty of options are available at affordable prices.

Take advantage of comprehensive buying guides offered by reputable sources like Sweetwater to make an informed decision within your desired price range.

Top Picks for Best Guitar for Worship [Quick Recommendation]

For a speedy suggestion, look at our quick product list or continue scrolling down for more detailed reviews.

Comparison Table

Product Name


Hand Orientation

Customer Reviews

Item Weight

Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium



4.2 out of 5 stars, 42 ratings

12 pounds

Gibson J-45 Standard



4.5 out of 5 stars, 4 ratings

4 ounces

Martin D-28



4.9 out of 5 stars, 32 ratings

17.6 pounds

Fender American Professional II Telecaster



4.0 out of 5 stars, 3 ratings

3 pounds

PRS SE Custom 24



5.0 out of 5 stars, 16 ratings

13.14 pounds

1. Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium

Superior build quality and unique sound in a classic design.
Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium

(Images Credits: Taylor Guitars)


  • Right-handed orientation
  • Beautiful sunburst color
  • High-quality materials, including rosewood and ebony wood
  • Versatile with both acoustic and electric capabilities
  • Lightweight at 12 pounds
  • Battery-powered for convenience

I've come across many guitars in my time. But nothing entirely resonates with me as the Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium.

You first notice its stunning sunburst finish that will turn heads wherever you go.

This acoustic-electric guitar is an actual work of art, boasting a Sitka spruce top wood and layered rosewood back and side wood composition that adds depth to its aesthetics and contributes massively to exceptional sound quality.

One of the distinguished hallmarks of this gem lies in its revolutionary ES2 electronic system, which significantly expands the dynamic range, ensuring your tunes are heard whether plugged or unplugged.

It features a nut-and-saddle design made from NuBone and Tusq, respectively, guaranteeing flawless intonation up the neck for those skilled enough to venture into high registers while fingering intricate chords.

It also comes with a hardshell case tailored by Taylor themselves, providing maximum fit and protection.

Choosing Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium as number one on our list was due to reasons beyond just craftsmanship. i

It provides an ideal balance between aesthetic allure and top-notch sound performance without completely draining your pockets! 

It doesn't matter if you're strumming lightly or flat-picking aggressively during high-octane performances.

This versatile instrument will deliver precise, balanced sounds across all tonal spectrums, building listener engagement, whether playing solo at home or lighting up stage concerts!


  • High-quality construction and materials for superior sound
  • The versatile acoustic-electric design allows for amplified performance
  • Comfortable grand auditorium shape for easy handling while playing it
  • Beautiful tobacco sunburst finish adds aesthetic appeal


  • An expensive price point may be a deterrent for some buyers.
  • The layered rosewood back/side wood may offer a different tonal quality than solid wood.
  • Some users may find the body depth of 4 - 5/8" too bulky or uncomfortable to play.

The Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Tobacco Sunburst is perfect for adventurous musicians who value superior build quality, easy handling, and a truly unique sound. 

This guitar is yours for the take! 

2. Gibson J-45 Standard

A timeless classic with superior craftsmanship and a rich, warm tone.
Gibson J-45 Standard

(Images Credits: Gibson)


  • Adjustable guitar bridge system for a personalized playing experience
  • Right-hand orientation for comfortable and natural playing
  • High-quality wood materials are used for the neck and body construction
  • Sunburst color adds a visually appealing touch
  • Crafted by AXE HEAVEN, a trusted brand in guitar accessories
  • Compact package dimensions make it easy to transport or store.

The Gibson J-45 Standard is a gateway to the rich history and unmatched craftsmanship of Gibson, earning its spot as No. 2 on our list due to its iconic design and exceptional sound quality.

The guitar’s one-of-a-kind round-shoulder, dreadnought shape contributes to its warm, balanced tone that's easily projected across any room - a characteristic many music aficionados cherish.

Introduced in 1942, this instrument still embodies the highest artistry with each individually handcrafted model, making it one of the most recognized and best-selling acoustic guitars in Gibson's legacy.

Each AXE HEAVEN miniature replica guitar model is built at a 1:4 scale using solid wood with metal tuning keys for an authentic look and feel.

Measuring approximately 10" long, these models are perfect for display or as unique gifts for any music lover.

They come complete with high-quality miniature adjustable A-frame stands mimicking real ones used by musicians worldwide, further emphasizing their authenticity and attention to detail.

To top it all off, they're packaged neatly in a gold foil stamped Gibson by AXE HEAVEN gift box, adding another layer of luxury appeal.

Choosing the Gibson J-45 Standard means choosing quality craftsmanship passed down through generations, becoming part of a story that continues to be written by renowned artists.

It's definitely worth considering when you're looking for your next acoustic companion!


  • Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts of Gibson guitars
  • High-quality craftsmanship with solid wood construction and metal tuning keys
  • It comes with a miniature adjustable A-frame stand for display purposes
  • Authentic replica of the iconic Gibson J-45 guitar model, known for its rich, warm tone


  • The smaller sizes may appeal to someone other than those looking for a regular-sized guitar.
  • Limited functionality as it is a miniature replica and cannot be played like a real guitar
  • Higher price compared to other miniature guitar models on the market.

The Gibson J-45 Standard is perfect for discerning musicians who appreciate a timeless classic with superior craftsmanship and sound quality.

If you're looking for an acoustic guitar that will take your performance to the next level, this model is for you - click now to shop!

3. Martin D-28

Timeless quality and beautiful sound for every musician.
Martin D-28

(Images Credits: Martins Guitars)


  • Right-hand orientation
  • High-quality phosphor bronze strings
  • Beautiful rosewood fretboard and back material
  • Solid spruce wood top for enhanced tone
  • Classic natural color design
  • Trusted brand: Martin

I've had first-hand experience with the mesmerizing Martin 2017 D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar. 

This instrument is the product of meticulous design and thoughtful innovation.

Chris Martin's vision to harness the classic features from both his grandfather's and father's eras has resulted in an acoustic guitar that resonates with sound and history.

A delightful blend of old-world charm meets modern sophistication.

This guitar boasts open gear tuners, an aged toner top, antique white accents, and a faux tortoise pickguard—with a specially designed neck profile to enhance comfort during play.

And let me tell you—this isn't just all for a show! 

The forward-shifted bracing increases vibration on the top resulting in richer tones—an absolute treat to any discerning ear.

Why did we rank this as No.3 on our list? Put: its versatility combined with its lineage can't go unnoticed!

From Hank Williams to Neil Young—the legendary D-28 has been lovingly passed down through generations of great musicians.

This is because it adapts seamlessly across music genres while maintaining its distinctive soundscape—a promise that holds even today! 

The enhancements made in this 2017 model breathe new life into an unforgettable icon, making it genuinely worthy for every Music and Guitar Lover out there.


  • An enhanced version of the iconic D-28 guitar model
  • Features antique white binding and aging toner for a vintage look
  • Upgraded with forward shifting non-scalloped X bracing for improved resonance and tone
  • Comes with Style 28 mother-of-pearl fingerboard inlays and multi-stripe top and back inlays for added aesthetic appeal


  • Price may be high for some customers
  • It may require regular maintenance and adjustment for optimal performance
  • Relatively heavy compared to other acoustic guitars

This Martin D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural is perfect for musicians who want to take their music to the next level.

Be you a seasoned professional or not, this guitar provides beautiful sound and lasting quality to ensure your performance is as powerful as possible.

Start strumming with this masterpiece!

4. Fender American Professional II Telecaster

Upgrade Your Sound with Classic Style: The Perfect Guitar
Fender American Professional II Telecaster

(Images Credits: Fender)


  • Right-handed orientation
  • Brass string material for enhanced tone
  • Maple wood fretboard and back for a smooth feel
  • Black color for a sleek and stylish look
  • Telecaster guitar bridge system for added versatility
  • S pickup configuration for classic Telecaster sound

  • As a long-standing fan of Fender guitars, I've always admired their ability to deliver high-quality sound and a fantastic user experience.

    The Fender American Professional II Telecaster in black with maple fingerboard is true to this tradition.

    It combines the classic Telecaster design with some impressive upgrades, making it one of the best choices for professionals and beginners.

    The alder body feels sturdy yet lightweight, ensuring comfortable handling when playing even during longer sessions.

    Picking up the guitar immediately evokes confidence; it's ready to perform when you are.

    Then there are those two single-coil pickups that make all the difference: they produce a vibrant and versatile tone that suits various genres, from country twang to gritty rock tones skillfully.

    Playing through iconic riffs on this American-made beauty is an enchanting experience - smooth, clear notes resonate strongly thanks to its meticulously crafted maple neck and fingerboard.

    Moreover, unlike earlier models, frets feel closer together for faster movement across scales while providing ample space for bending notes without fear of missing your target pitch.

    Playing this guitar feels like driving a well-tuned car; every move responds promptly and accurately.


    • Classic Fender design and craftsmanship
    • Versatile tone options with a combination of maple neck, fingerboard, and single-coil pickups
    • Lightweight and comfortable older body for extended playing sessions
    • The sleek black finish adds elegance to any performance or recording setting


    • Limited color options (only available in black with maple fingerboard)
    • Relatively high price point compared to other Telecaster models on the market
    • No option for a humbucker pickup configuration

    This Fender American Professional II Telecaster is perfect for guitarists upgrading their sound with a classic style.

    This solid-body electric guitar offers the full range of tone and projection needed for any style of play, making it ideal for professionals and serious hobbyists.

    Pick one up today and make your playing stand out!

    5. PRS SE Custom 24

    Versatile and dynamic electric guitar for aspiring rock and blues players.
    PRS SE Custom 24

    (Images Credits: Amazon)


    • Right-handed orientation
    • Tremolo bridge system for versatile playing styles
    • High-quality materials, including maple, rosewood, and mahogany wood
    • Elegant black gold sunburst color
    • H - H pickup configuration for a wide range of tones
    • Lightweight at 13.14 pounds

    The PRS SE Custom 24 is a treasure in my collection. 

    Its combination of a maple top with shallow violin carve and mahogany back gives it not just aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its unique tonal quality.

    Its overall build offers an expansive range of tones, thanks to the 85/15 "S" pickups paired with a volume, push/pull tone control.

    From sharp highs to deep lows, navigating different genres becomes effortlessly accessible.

    Its rosewood fretboard has bird inlays that visually embellish the guitar while providing useful finger placement markers.

    Having played this on various gigs myself, I can vouch for its roadworthy durability as well – it withstands consistent use without compromising its sound or build quality.

    The PRS-patented molded tremolo bridge lends stability and excellent intonation even during vigorous tremolo usage.

    Lastly, don't underestimate the practicality of having an included Gig Bag - it's ideal for storage and transport.

    To me, The Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 isn't just an electric guitar. It's a testament to craftsmanship combined with stellar performance suitable for internationally touring artists and aspiring players willing to take their skill set up several notches.


    • A gig Bag is for easy transportation and protection of the guitar.
    • Versatile tone control with a push/pull function allows for a wide range of sounds.
    • The patented molded tremolo bridge provides stable tuning and smooth whammy bar action.
    • Premium materials like rosewood fretboard, bird inlays, maple top, mahogany back, and maple neck ensure excellent way to play it and a stunning visual appeal.


    • Limited color options compared to other models
    • The tremolo bridge may require frequent adjustments for optimal performance.
    • Some users may find the wide thin neck shape uncomfortable

    This PRS SE Custom 24 electric guitar is perfect for the aspiring rocker or blues player.

    With its 85/15 "S" pickups, patented molded tremolo bridge, and rosewood fretboard with bird inlays, this versatile instrument provides unmatched tone and ease of playing.

    You will enjoy your experience with this piece of art!

    6. D'Addario 351 Casein Pick

    Warm and Balanced Tone with the D'Addario 351 Casein Pick
    D'Addario 351 Casein Pick

    (Images Credits: D'Addairo)


    • Brand: D'Addario Accessories
    • Small size and black color for easy handling
    • Extra - thick guitar pick for enhanced durability and tone
    • Compatible with guitars, ensuring a perfect fit
    • Made from casein material for a unique feel and sound
    • Designed and manufactured in the USA

    Renowned for its phenomenal versatility, the D'Addario 351 Casein Pick has a typical shape but with an ingenious twist.

    Its key feature is a right-handed bevel on the playing edge that effortlessly glides along the strings, offering increased comfort, control, and precision.

    The pick's thickness of 2.0mm, coupled with a carefully pointed tip, strikes the perfect balance between strumming and articulation.

    What sets this pick apart is its casein make-up; it mimics the texture and warm, balanced tones typically exclusive to natural tortoiseshell picks.

    Even if you're playing jazz, blues, or any other genre, this pick enhances your overall musical experience by delivering clear and consistent sound without compromising the convenience to play it or speed.

    With features like these, the D'Addario Casein Standard Pick exemplifies how thoughtful design choices greatly influence user experience in music-making.

    A favorite among many guitarists worldwide, myself included, is their signature Chris Thile model - well worth checking out!

    Whether you're an amateur learning your first chord or an expert looking to upgrade your gear, look no further than D'Addario's extensive range of superior-quality picks for all playing styles.


    • Enhanced texture for better grip
    • Warm, balanced tone
    • Available in a Chris Thile signature model
    • Durable 2.0mm thickness


    • Limited availability and potentially harder to find compared to more common pick materials.
    • It may not be suitable for players who prefer a thinner or lighter pick
    • It can be more expensive than other pick options

    This D'Addario 351 Casein Pick is perfect for any right-handed musician who wants a warm, balanced tone from their sound.

    Whether you're upgrading your current pick or searching for Chris Thile's signature model, this standard 2mm thick pick is the ideal choice.

    Get yours today and experience the unique tone of casein!

    7. Original Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks

    Ultimate pick for speed, durability, and versatility in guitar playing.
    Original Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks

    (Images Credits: Amazon)


    • It is made with a unique blend of 12% Graphite Fill and Polyamide - Imide for enhanced durability and performance.
    • Charcoal color adds a sleek and stylish look to your guitar accessories.
    • Thick pick thickness offers increased control, making it perfect for various musical styles, including rock, metal, country, blues, punk, grunge, and indie.
    • Compatible with guitars of all types.
    • Well rated by customers with an average rating of 4.6/5 stars based on 169 reviews.
    • Compact size measuring just under an inch in length and width for easy storage and handling.

    The Original Dragon’s Heart Guitar Pick creates a unique experience for guitar lovers, truly capturing the essence of fine craftsmanship.

    Made from a superior blend of polyamide-imide with 12% graphite fill, this pick is hard to beat in speed and durability.

    The product boasts an impressive lifespan, guaranteeing over 1000 hours of play before any noticeable wear on the edges - a standout feature that sets it apart from other picks in the market.

    One highlight is its design offering three distinct playing edges catering to different styles.

    Whether you're into speed shredding or enjoy jazz tunes, there's an edge designed precisely for your class.

    This customizability adds value by adjusting to individual playing techniques while maintaining consistent performance.

    Its robustness and optimum thickness contribute to enhanced control and balance during swift transitions – a boost every musician craves!

    The Original Dragon's Heart Guitar Pick is more than just an accessory - it transforms the guitar-playing journey!

    With exceptional endurance, versatility, and expert design focused on user needs; it rightfully earns top marks among guitar essentials.


    • Increased durability - Dragon's Heart picks are designed to last 1000 hours of playing, making them a long-lasting choice for guitarists.
    • Versatile playing options - With three optimized edges, these picks cater to various playing styles and techniques, allowing musicians to achieve their desired sound.
    • Ideal for speed shredding and jazz guitarists - The Dragon's Heart pick is designed to provide optimal performance for fast-paced playing styles often found in genres like speed metal and jazz.
    • Unmatched speed - This pick is the fastest option from Dragon's Heart's premium selection, enabling guitarists to play with lightning-fast precision.


    • It may be too thick for some players who prefer a thinner pick.
    • The 2.5mm thickness may cause less flexibility compared to thinner picks.
    • The premium price point may only be affordable for some guitarists.

    This product suits severe guitarists looking for speed, durability, and versatility.

    Whether you're a shredder, jazz guitarist, or all-around rocker, the Original Dragon's Heart Guitar Pick will help you express your sound to its fullest potential. Get your pick today and start making music!

    8. Dava Grip Tips Delrin

    Ultimate grip and control for dynamic guitar playing.
    Dava Grip Tips Delrin

    (Images Credits: Thomann)


    • Dava Grip Tips Delrin's thick rubber guitar picks provide a unique grip for players.
    • It is made by the trusted brand Dava, known for its high-quality guitar accessories.
    • The bright orange makes these picks stand out and easy to find during performances or practice sessions.
    • Designed specifically for use with guitars, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
    • These picks have received positive customer reviews, with a rating of 4.4/5 stars from over 500 ratings.
    • Compact and lightweight with dimensions of 2 x 2 x 0.5 inches and weighing only 0.16 ounces.

    The Dava 1303 Delrin Grip Tips Guitar Pick (6-Pack) is a game-changer for professional musicians and hobbyists.

    Made from Delrin, this guitar pick ensures a smooth glide over your strings for faster action that jazz, rock, and fusion players will appreciate.

    Its patented over-molding technology combined with multi-gauge flexibility gives it a versatility that other picks can't match - grip the tip for a hard gauge or release the flexible center section for softer strumming.

    These picks come in handy packs of six, so you'll have enough to last quite a while.

    The unique Tractor Grip surface provides unparalleled control during extended playing sessions preventing slips and misses, making it ideal for live performances under hot lights.

    Additionally, its insert-molded design offers increased Control areas extending their longevity, which makes them economical in the long run.

    Whether you prefer light or heavy gauges or enjoy experimenting with different tones mid-performance–the Dava 1303 Delrin Grip Tips are designed to adapt quickly to your style on the fly.


    • Smooth, fast release for effortless playing
    • Dynamic, harmonic response for enhanced sound quality
    • Increased Control Area for extended playing life
    • Unique Tractor Grip surface provides a fast-action and secure hold


    • Limited color options are available
    • It may not be suitable for players who prefer a softer pick
    • Some users may find the grip surface to be too rough

    This product is perfect for the guitar player looking for a fast-action grip and control that provides dynamic sound with harmonic response. With Dava 1303 Delrin Grip Tips, upgrade your playing session – order yours today!

    9. Fred Kelly Picks Bumblebee Delrin

    Ultimate control and versatile sound for guitarists of all genres.
    Fred Kelly Picks Bumblebee Delrin

    (Images Credits: Amazon)


    • Made from durable plastic material
    • The unique black and yellow color combination
    • Thick 1.04 mm size for added durability and control
    • Specifically designed for use with guitars
    • Positive customer reviews with a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars
    • Compact dimensions of 3.5 x 2 x 1 inches

    The Fred Kelly Picks Bumblebee Delrin, a unique blend of flat pick and thumb pick, offers impressive comfort and easy playing feature for music enthusiasts.

    The user-friendly design features full adjustability and rotation to ensure you get the perfect fit for your playing style.

    Its heavy gauge (1.04mm) creates a soft yet natural sound on the strings that doesn't compromise their true tone. 

    Crafted from premium quality delrin material, these picks endure extensive use while maintaining their original structure.

    Using this product provided a whole new dimension to my guitar sessions.

    Each pack comes with three picks – it's handy since I always lose one! 

    One thing that stood out during use was how the bumblebee jazz heavy guitar pick facilitated intricate fingerpicking patterns due to its ergonomic shape and design.

    Moreover, having used several different brands before settling on Fred Kelly Picks D5J-H-3 Delrin Bumblebee Jazz Heavy Guitar Pick Small, I can confidently say they offer unmatched durability in comparison.

    In conclusion, if you're seeking high-quality guitar picks that deliver superior control over your instrument without sacrificing tonal fidelity or comfort, then Fred Kelly Picks are worthy contenders to consider adding to your musical toolkit.


    • The unique combination of flat pick and thumb pick
    • Fully adjustable and rotational for user - friendly experience
    • Heavy gauge for powerful sound (1.04mm)
    • Soft and natural sound on the strings


    • Limited color options available (only available in yellow and black)
    • It may take some time to get used to the unique combination design
    • Some users may find the heavy gauge too thick for their playing style

    This Delrin guitar pick is perfect for the musician who wants ultimate control over their sound - from twangy riffs to jazz melodies; this pick will get you there! Pick up a pack today and start making music your way.

    10. Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59 Model Humbucker

    Powerful vintage tone with modern sparkle.
    Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59 Model Humbucker

    (Images Credits: Amazon)


    • High-quality humbucker pickup for electric guitars
    • Classic '59 model design with a Nickel finish
    • Designed and manufactured by renowned brand Seymour Duncan
    • Easy to install on the bridge of the guitar
    • Produces a warm and vintage tone perfect for blues, rock, and jazz styles
    • Highly rated by customers with a 5.0 out of 5 stars rating

    As a music enthusiast who's forever pursuing the perfect sound, I couldn't help but fall for the Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59 Model Humbucker.

    With its nickel cover and single conductor design, this model combines vintage aesthetics with top-notch performance to create dazzlingly clear tones.

    Getting my hands on an international product like this was quite intriguing.

    Its specifications might deviate from what we're used to here, such as differing fit and labeling instructions.

    But it didn't take long for me to recognize its unique beauty.

    Artistically finished in nickel, featuring a resistance of 8:13K with six spiked es at 6 kHz, it delivers a fantastic tone ideal for any humbucker-equipped guitar in any position.

    What caught my attention - other than its impressive technical specs - was the Alnico VRPA2023 Split magnet embedded within this baby!

    This feature ensures interference protection, leading to exceptional sound clarity that can hold up even against strident playing styles or complex amplification setups.

    The Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59 Model Bridge Humbucker-Nickel Cover is, without question, a standout choice among all guitar-loving musicians out there seeking rich tone quality wrapped in classic style aesthetics.


    • Excellent construction ensures durability and a long lifespan
    • Produces a vintage-inspired tone with warm, rich highs and tight lows
    • Single conductor design allows for easy installation and wiring customization
    • Interference protection prevents unwanted noise or hum interference during play


    • International products may have different fits, age ratings, and product labeling or instructions language.
    • The pickup is not active.
    • There is no option for splitting the coils.

    This Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59 Model Humbucker is the perfect pickup for guitar players who need a classic, powerful tone with plenty of vintage twangs and modern sparkle. Get yours today and start rocking!

    11. Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking Soundhole Pickup

    Enhanced acoustic tone with cutting-edge magnetic technology.
    Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking Soundhole Pickup

    (Images Credits: Sweetwater)


    • Humbucking soundhole pickup for acoustic guitars
    • It provides a clear and powerful sound with minimal feedback
    • Easy to install and fits most standard-sized soundholes
    • MultiColored design adds visual appeal to your guitar
    • Can be used with both 240V power supply or LR44 batteries (included)
    • Made in the USA, with international shipping available

    The Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking Soundhole Pickup is a game-changer for guitar enthusiasts.

    As any musician understands, the quality of your pickup heavily influences your sound.

    This product harnesses the power of cutting-edge neodymium magnets to create a warmer and more natural acoustic tone that's matched with remarkable accuracy.

    It truly embodies Fishman's dedication to helping musicians achieve the most authentic sound possible. 

    The fine-tuned re-voicing offers an even smoother treble response than their already successful predecessors.

    Ease of use and unmatched quality make this Humbucking Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup stand out in its field.

    It toggles effortlessly between warm acoustic tones and shimmering highs thanks to the easily accessible Bright Switch - offering versatility perfect for both practice sessions and live performances.

    What sets it further apart is its active electronics which maintain purity and cleanliness in sound transmission, providing an excellent string-to-string balance that every guitarist seeks for their instrument.

    Even installation is a breeze with no need for alteration!

    If your goal is an unequaled performance throughout your musical journey, consider investing in the Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking Magnetic Soundhole Acoustic Pickup.

    Experience first-hand heightened musicality and convenience as it integrates smoothly into your guitar setup!


    • Enhanced acoustic tone with warmth and naturalness
    • Exceptional accuracy for authentic sound reproduction
    • Increased musicality for expressive playing
    • Smooth treble response for a well-balanced sound


    • It may require professional installation
    • Only compatible with steel-string acoustic guitars
    • Unsuitable for players who prefer a more traditional, mellow tone

    This Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking Soundhole Pickup is perfect for acoustic guitarists who crave a warm yet accurate tone that sounds natural and dynamic.

    Suppose you're looking for an easy-to-install pickup with modern magnetic technology.

    In that case, this Fishman pickup is the one for you!

    Try it out today and get ready to hear the authentic sound of your guitar amplified like never before.

    12. LR Baggs Anthem-SL Acoustic Guitar Pickup System

    Clear, full-range sound for professional acoustic guitar players.
    LR Baggs Anthem-SL Acoustic Guitar Pickup System

    (Images Credits: Amazon)


    • Lightweight design, only 80 grams
    • Silver color adds a stylish touch to your guitar
    • Battery powered with a 9-volt voltage for reliable performance
    • Produces an output wattage of 5 watts for clear and dynamic sound
    • Compatible with guitars for easy installation
    • Made by LR Baggs, a trusted brand in the industry

    The LR Baggs Anthem-SL Acoustic Guitar Pickup System exceeded my expectations and revitalized my love for music.

    Its patent-pending TRU MIC technology marries a proprietary condenser microphone with the acclaimed Element pickup, making it possible to achieve studio mic'd guitar sound no matter where I'm performing.

    The Anthem series strategically positions its revolutionary microphone just 3 mm above the bridge plate—taking full advantage of the PZM, or "boundary" effect.

    This approach effectively suppresses feedback- an impressive feat rarely achieved flawlessly by most pickups.

    While using this product, I found that its all discrete pre-contoured soundhole preamp came with a preset crossover, which offered clear control over volume, phase inversion, battery check, and, more importantly - mix trim controls!

    This noise-canceling mic tech eliminates annoying honky or boxy sounds from within the guitar body, delivering only pure, airy resonance to your listeners' ears.

    Moreover, there's nothing quite like blending between TRU MIC (transporting most of your guitar's natural frequency range) and full-range Element Pickup using the Mix control, resulting in low-frequency solidity and punch!

    The balanced frequency response this L.R Bagg's Marvel anthem acoustic system provides replicates what it feels like playing inside a professional recording studio wherever I choose to strum away.

    LR Baggs Anthem-SL Acoustic Guitar Pickup System is worth considering for anyone serious about capturing their acoustic guitar's true essence when amplified!


    • Enhanced sound quality with a blend of microphone and pickup technology
    • Reduced unwanted noise and feedback with the built-in phase inversion feature
    • Versatile control options with volume, mix, and mic trim controls for customized sound
    • Reliable battery check function to ensure uninterrupted performance.


    • Some users may find the controls on the preamp to be small and difficult to adjust.
    • The microphone can pick up some handling noise if not positioned correctly.
    • The volume control may need frequent adjustments as the battery power diminishes.

    The L.R. Baggs Anthem-SL Acoustic Guitar Pickup System is perfect for the professional or intermediate-level acoustic guitar player who wants a full range, crystal clear sound out of their instrument.

    Its advanced technology and precision controls will help you bring your playing to the next level. So don't wait - get yours today!

    13. DiMarzio DP159 Evolution Bridge Pickup

    Powerfully aggressive humbucker designed for high-energy rock guitarists.
    DiMarzio DP159 Evolution Bridge Pickup

    (Images Credits: Amazon)


    • Zipper closure for easy installation and secure fit
    • Ceramic material for powerful and articulate sound
    • The sleek black color adds a stylish touch to any guitar
    • F Spaced size ensures proper alignment with strings
    • Durable construction designed to withstand rigorous use
    • Well-rated by customers, with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars

    Alexwinnerman Recommends

    With my more than a decade experience as a musiciand and guitarist, I can tell you that the DiMarzio DP159 Evolution Bridge Pickup is an all-rounder that elevates your playing.

    This aggressive humbucker engineered for maximum impact and power doesn't just boost your sound but refines it.

    The tones it delivers are tight, loud, and bold -- making your solos cut through any mix effortlessly.

    The authentic charm of this pickup lies in its versatility.

    Whether you're using Steve Vai's signature Ibanez Jem or a classic Gibson Les Paul, it adds punch and definition with unparalleled clarity to each note played.

    Low notes burst out from the amp with defined precision, while high notes are crystal clear – providing a balanced yet amplified sound all musicians long for. 

    Furthermore, cultivating feedback becomes almost effortless as harmonic overtones abound with this nifty gadget in your gig bag.

    This bridge pickup has redefined my playing experience dramatically by ensuring every note counts - even during fast-tempo performances where distinction usually gives way to speed.

    So if you're looking to enhance your performance or enrich your guitar's overall tone, look no further than the exceptional DiMarzio DP159 Evolution Bridge Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup.


    • Tight, aggressive, and loud sound
    • Designed for maximum impact and power
    • Ideal for demanding players like Steve Vai
    • The result of years of research to achieve the right sound


    • It may not suit players looking for a more subtle or mellow tone.
    • It can be too aggressive and overpowering in certain musical styles or genres.
    • Some users may need help to achieve a balanced sound with this pickup.

    This product is perfect for the high-energy rock guitarist who wants an aggressive and powerful sound.

    The DiMarzio DP159 Evolution Bridge Pickup is a must-have if you want to dominate on stage!

    14. EMG 85 Active Humbucking Guitar Pickup

    Ultimate versatility for rock, blues, and metal guitarists.
    EMG 85 Active Humbucking Guitar Pickup

    (Images Credits: Sweetwater


    • Active humbucking pickup designed for electric guitars
    • Produces a powerful and high-output sound
    • Features a sleek black design that matches any guitar style
    • Easy to install on the bridge of a guitar with Tune-O-Matic system
    • Suitable for right-handed players
    • Requires 1 9V battery for operation

    I am blown away by the EMG 85 Active Humbucking Guitar Pickup. This gear is ideal for anyone looking to breathe new life into their guitar's tone.

    It pairs well with almost every other humbucker, which makes it adaptable and versatile.

    The solderless installation feature was an absolute game-changer, allowing me to swap the pickups at home without any hassle.

    The edge that distinguishes this pickup from its competitors is undoubtedly the unique tonal characteristics it delivers thanks to Alnico V magnets loaded coils.

    You'll notice an audible difference in your performance whether you're playing blues or metal; this pickup's growl and smooth leads are exceptional, offering a well-rounded sound for both genres alike.

    When used as a bridge humbucker, the EMG-85 produces a remarkably smooth and soulful output that can leave listeners smitten.

    The highlight was when I paired this with an 81 in the bridge - the same combination Zakk Wylde uses - there was no turning back!

    The beefy low end and the fatter top end enhanced my rhythm tracks beautifully and complimented my solos superbly without making them sound muddy – just what I needed for my blues performances!

    So if you're seeking versatility and sophistication in your guitar tones, trust me on this one; give EMG 85 Active Humbucking Guitar Pickup a try!


    • Easy installation with EMG's solderless system
    • Versatile tone suited for a wide range of musical styles, from blues to extreme metal
    • Muscular growl and smooth leads provided by Alnico V magnets
    • It can be used in both neck and bridge positions, offering flexibility in guitar setup


    • Only available in black color
    • It may not suit all musical styles or preferences
    • Requires solderless installation, which may be challenging for some users

    This EMG 85 Active Humbucking Guitar Pickup is perfect for guitarists looking to take their rock, blues, or metal playing to the next level.

    From its Alnico magnets and close aperture coils for an exceptional tone to its solderless installation, which lets you swap pickups at home easily - this product has it all! Whether you're a beginner, pro, or hobbyist - try out the EMG 85 today and find your sound!


    In conclusion, when choosing the best guitar for worship in 2023, it's essential to consider factors such as acoustic or electric options, body shape and size, tonewoods, electronics and pickups, and price range.

    For those looking for a versatile option with both acoustic and electric capabilities, I highly recommend the Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium. Its first-grade materials and lightweight design make it an excellent choice for worship music.

    Another great option is the Gibson J-45 Standard, with its adjustable bridge system and visually appealing sunburst color. Take advantage of these top picks for worship guitars!


    1. What makes a guitar suitable for worship?

    A guitar suitable for worship typically has a warm and balanced tone, good way to play it, and the ability to handle both strumming and fingerpicking styles.

    2. Are acoustic or electric guitars better for worship music?

    Acoustic and electric guitars can be used for worship music. Still, it ultimately depends on personal preference and the style of music being played.

    3. How do I choose the best guitar for worship?

    When choosing a guitar for worship, consider your budget, preferred playing style (acoustic or electric), tonal qualities, build quality, and any specific features you may need.

    4. Can I use any guitar pick when playing worship songs?

    You can use various guitar picks when playing worship songs; however, picks with medium thickness (around 0.7mm - 1mm) are commonly used as they offer versatility in tone production and control.

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