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It’s been my dream from childhood to connect with music lovers help make their dreams come true. Welcome on board as I show you everything that is possible in the world of music. Please follow along!

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With more than ten years of experience in the field, I have committed myself to teaching music lovers of all skill levels the art and science of music. My varied teaching methods, which range from fundamental piano instruction to in-depth music book sessions, guarantee a clear comprehension. I am in a unique position to elevate and enhance your musical path, whether you are a budding musician or an established maestro looking for new ideas.

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My Skills

Music Lesson

Unlocking the Symphony Within

Piano Tutorials

Mastering Melodies, One Key at a Time

Voice Training

Fine-tuning Your Vocal Resonance

Sound Engineering

Crafting Sonic Excellence Behind the Scenes

Recent Projects

Project 1

Harmonic Beginnings

A comprehensive 8-week music course designed for beginners, encompassing foundational music theory, basic keyboard techniques, and an introduction to voice modulation. By the end of the course, students will have a well-rounded grasp of musical essentials, enabling them to further explore their unique musical journeys.

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Music Course
Project 2

Studio Mastery Series

A deep-dive tutorial series focusing on sound engineering essentials. From equipment setup to mastering a track, learn the nuances of creating pristine soundscapes in a studio environment. Each session is meticulously crafted, ensuring participants gain both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, readying them for real-world applications.

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Studio Mastery

Project 3

Instrumental Insight

A detailed guide and review series where I delve into the latest musical instruments in the market, providing recommendations tailored for both novices and seasoned musicians seeking the best tools for their craft. Beyond just reviews, the series also offers practical tips on instrument maintenance and optimization, ensuring longevity and peak performance.

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Instrumental Insight

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Since following AlexWinnerman’s lessons and tutorials, my musical understanding has deepened immensely. The clarity and passion in each post make learning a joy. Highly recommended for any music enthusiast

Abisoye Babalola
CEO, Herbeesworld

Abisoye Babalola

Everything is covered by AlexWinnerman, from voice lessons to studio advice. Each article has a wealth of information. I haven’t found a better musical resource in a long time!

Awesome Goodman
CEO, TechGiants

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Music is undergoing a beautiful transformation. On my portfolio blog, discover the fresh ways we’re learning about it.

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